For sale: Evo 4-6 complete engine

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For sale: Evo 4-6 complete engine

Neperskaitytas pranešimas ZeGaNe69 » 2015 02 24, 15:55

For sale:

Evo 4-6 complete engine
New ACL race bearings, OE piston rings, cylinder head gasket, all seals, new Contitech timing belt kit, balance shafts are removed.
Cylinder head is cleaned and gasket surface is decked, valves are cleaned.
TD05HRA-16G6/10.5T turbocharger, stock manifolds, stock flywheel, 510cc yellow injectors etc
Ready for use.

Price: 1800 euro
Location Tallinn

+ 372 55542721
[email protected]
Estonian or english

2015 02 24, 15:55 papildyta:

I can let transport it to Lietuva`s border, for free.

Also available in extra money Evo 6 ECU and engine wiring.

2015 05 04, 20:05 papildyta:

New price 1500.-, tax free.
Plus transport.

Some pictures about engine.

Main bearings are with stock kirddle plate-frame.


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