LT Mitsubishi club meetings

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LT Mitsubishi club meetings

Neperskaitytas pranešimas margusvk » 2013 09 27, 22:17

I have question about LT Mitsubishi Club meetings.
Does your club members meet together regionally and/or regulary?
An example EST Mitsu club members in Tallinn we meet us weekly thursdays and in other places/cities the members do something the same. And twice in a year we organize meetings (in winter and in sommer) for all members (to them they wish take part).
As I am right now until x-mas in Vilnius I'm looking for possibility to meet with Lithuanian Mitsubishi club members to become acquainted and change experiences an example in Vilnius or in other place. It depends of course on you.
Waiting for answeres :)
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Re: LT Mitsubishi club meetings

Neperskaitytas pranešimas Sashiukas » 2013 09 27, 23:20

Usually there is 1-3 regional meets in a year. We had a Grand Meet by the end of July, we all met at racing track and had some fun there. A couple years ago (from what I can see on meeting threads) there were weekly meets in biggest Lithuanian cities. This year club's inactive for some reason, so there's just a few local meets in a year.
Hope I answered your question ;)
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Aleksas :)

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Re: LT Mitsubishi club meetings

Neperskaitytas pranešimas ZyXEL » 2013 09 28, 00:36

There were some guys/gals meeting regularly in Vilnius but just standing in the parking area doing nothing is not the best way to spend spare time (at least by my understanding) :-) So unless someone proposes some kind of activities (bowling/bikes/poker etc.) and takes this under control (anyone can shoot the idea and just walk away :-D )- there's not so much sense to meet in the first place :lol:
As for big meets (country wide) there is a dradition of 3- season opening, grand meet and season closing. Unfortunately this year all forum members are asleep :-( so after our grand meet decision was made to ditch the season closing this year and concentrate (save money, energy, ideas etc. :-) ) for a next year's gatherings :-)
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