Greetings from Estonia

Welcome to Mitsubishi Club Lithuania, this forum is for non-lithuanian speaking people
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Greetings from Estonia

Neperskaitytas pranešimas margusvk » 2013 09 18, 15:10

Hereby after I joined to Lithuanian Mitsubishi Club forum I'll greet all Lithuanian Mitshubishi club members from my side.
I joined to Lithuanian Mitsubishi Club forumsite personally, not as representative of Estonian Mitsubishi Club.
Between 19th of August till 20th of December I'm living and working here in Vilnius, Lithuania and driving mainly around Vilnius on red Mitsubishi Colt (the 5th generation). The main car Mitsubishi Lancer is at home in Tallinn used by my wife right now as I'm here in Vilnius. So my cars should be visible on my avatar as well.
On the Estonian Mitsubishi Club site and on the website I'm using there same username as here.

From my side for start that's it as intro. :)
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Speaking - Estonian, English, German, Russian

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Re: Greetings from Estonia

Neperskaitytas pranešimas ZyXEL » 2013 09 18, 16:13

Welcome :)
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Re: Greetings from Estonia

Neperskaitytas pranešimas bosas666999 » 2013 09 18, 21:09

welcome :)
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Re: Greetings from Estonia

Neperskaitytas pranešimas GodHate » 2013 09 19, 09:12

Welcome :)
No point.

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